Still here. Super busy with uni and exhausted 24/7. This is what I finished today.

Really sorry I haven’t replied to those posts yet. I’ll get around to them when I have spare time and I don’t feel as unwell.

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Louis Lozowick - New York (1925)


*shuffles around*

Hello again folks. I’m still pretty ill, and my internet is as terrible as ever, and I’m busy in uni….but I promise I’ll get on top of those replies I owe as soon as I can (I have them all saved).

This is what I’ve been working on recently. Just thought I’d show you guys…

Night everyone! x

*rolls away*



Okay, so I’ve been having health issues for the last two weeks (well, actually four months, but it’s been worse the last two weeks). It got a little better a few days ago but then it got worse again….
Then I started work.
Then I started Uni.
And a heap load of stress poured down over my head like molten lava. It was brilliant.

I’ve been coming on tumblr and liking a few things but I have this weird thing where, if I’ve been away without warning for a while I’m always pretty nervous about starting to post again.

You guys will probably find me in some corner somewhere, but I guess I’ll get better…

Anyway. Thought I’d just let you know that nothing bad had happened or anything…


I was feeling sad so I drew smoochies to cheer myself up, and I feel a lot better now uvu precious nerdy bbs make me happy <3

((Well, guys, I finally fixed my internet. After getting online briefly yesterday it threw a tantrum again. We have a split cord now or something so it should work.

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▲ The Crystal-Flesh Hermitage 

Prints of this image are available here

((Sorry I wasn’t on at all yesterday guys. I had a pretty busy day in the morning, and when I finally got on my laptop it wouldn’t connect to the internet at all :(

I’m going to extend that M!A for another day.

But here, as means of an apology, have a random gif

((2am selfies are always a good idea what are you talking about

I dyed my hair. It doesn’t look different but I promise…it is.

Anyway, I have to wake up early tomorrow today so I’m having an early night (because you know….falling asleep at 2:43am is early and everything ಠ______ಠ…)

Good night night vale! <3

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